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Zero-five turns 18

On 6th April 2023 me and Zero-five celebrated turning 18 years old. Granted it wasn't the first time for me, but as a business owner it was a very proud moment.

The time has flown and I still love being a freelancer. I get to work with some amazing people and businesses in many different sectors, it really is a privilege. 

To celebrate this milestone I did a little promotional piece that was sent out to clients old, new and prospective. This consisted of a card and drinks coaster inviting the recipient to 'have a drink on me'.

In the months since when I have been working onsite I've seen these coasters dotted around. It always makes me smile to see what I send out being used on a daily basis. It proves that successful self promotion can be something relatively simple that keeps you in the conscious of people long after the event - even if you are covered by a mug and tea stains!

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