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Britax Römer Modular Display System

I often get a bit twitchy when a client comes along with a brief for a 'modular design'. Depending on the product most of the time you will end up with a 'box' shape that isn't very exciting.

However when this brief came through for Britax Römer the boxes just clicked. The display design is made up of a kit of parts that can be configured for a wall or mid-floor fixture. The vertical units cater for all sizes of car seat with the cubes suitable for graphics, hero products or accessories with the addition of hooks. Landscape modules are used for the plinth and headers with deeper units available for displaying wheeled goods.

The exploded render below shows the initial design that was approved for development. A pull out shelf was added for demonstrating the rotating Flex Base iSENSE. The final build also has optional lighting in the top soffit illuminating the products.

These truly flexible displays are now being rolled out throughout the UK in many combinations from single bays to 3 mods at 9ft high.

This modular brief was a pleasure to work on.

Website - Britax images-03.jpg
Website - Britax images-04.jpg
Website - Britax images-02-02.jpg
Website - Britax images-01-01.jpg
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