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Where’s Wally? He’s here!

6th November 2012

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Recently, I have started working with the brilliant local leather bag manufacturer Zatchels.

A recent project was for the Limited Edition range of ‘Where’s Wally?’ satchels. These were produced to mark Wally’s 25th anniversary back in September. Can you believe we have been looking for him for a quarter of a century?

The project was to take three designs and apply them to 13inch size satchel from the Zatchels range. A slightly tricky project when two of the images are large scenes that are not easily editable and both have Wally in a fixed position towards the top. But, I always like a challenge and the finished bags looked great.

As a limited edition they were only available for a month but generated a lot of media interest and sales. Pictures of all three bags can be seen here – images courtesy of Zatchels.


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