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I am 10!

1st April 2015

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“Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana!”

This was a piece of graffiti I read on a toilet wall in Flagstaff, Arizona many years ago. It always makes me smile as it is true on all levels. In particular time certainly does fly quickly and I can barely believe that Zero-five is now 10 years old.

Back in April 2005 I was nervous and excited in equal measures having made the leap from steady employment with holiday and sick pay to sitting in an office asking people for work over the phone. Anyone who works in this trade knows that ‘who you know’ counts for doors opening and I am very thankful for those contacts who supported me in the early days. Some of whom I am happy to say I still work with today.

As many of you will know since I started Zero-five in 2005 I have sent out an anniversary card. It started off as a ‘hurray’ for completing my first year in business and a thank you for all the support received from clients, family and friends. I certainly wouldn’t be here without them!

The ongoing theme features cakes and a reference to ‘traditional’ anniversary gifts printed on the back of the cards. Ten years is tin, so that is what I produced! As you can see from the image above the ring pull tins had a themed wrap and were filled with boiled sweets. A bit different from the previous cards but this tin is the last of my anniversary promotion items, so it needed to be a little more special. More photos and the previous nine cards can be seen on my Facebook page – please click here.

It may be the last of the anniversary promo items but it is by no means the end of Zero-five. I very much look forward to the future and our continued relationships and who knows, maybe a few new ones!

Thank you  :)


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