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9th April 2014

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On Sunday 6th April I celebrated my 9th year in business.

Crikey – nine years. I really can’t believe where the time has gone. It is also the longest employment I have ever had – must be down to the boss!

As some of you will know I have produced a card for clients, family and friends celebrating my ‘anniversary’ each year. The theme is a cake based on the anniversary gift for that year – according to my list 9 years is pottery. So, as you can see above this year’s card is a photographed pottery cupcake trinket box along with a small ceramic square displaying the 9. On the reverse I printed photographs of all the previous cards.

Next year is ‘tin’ for ten years. That will be the last of the cards so it needs to be something extra special – I had better start planning now! I think when I started this it was wishful thinking that I would make it to 10 years. I’ve been very fortunate in my choices and the support I’ve received both in and out of the industry. I can honestly say I’ve really enjoyed my time so far – long may it continue.

You never know if my luck continues I may bring the card back for a ’15th’ appearance which I believe is ‘crystal’!

The previous cards can be seen in more detail on my Facebook page – please click here.


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