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Let there be light!

1st November 2013

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I have finally taken delivery of my Lumio lamp.

Way back in March I pledged to help fund this project on Kickstarter. What looks like a wooden clad book when closed opens out into a beautiful and very powerful lamp. Once again a simple, aesthetic beautiful and clever design!

I’m not really sure where I will use my Lumio but that’s immaterial – it looks amazing! You can see the original (now closed) Kickstarter project here or visit the Lumio website to purchase your own.

“Lumio is the first product from a studio dedicated to helping people live large with less. The studio is focused on multi-functional, everyday objects that are simple, intuitive and beautiful.

The Lumio brand creates modern lighting systems with the simple goal of giving people the freedom to experience beautiful lighting wherever they are.”

More photographs are on my Facebook page – courtesy of the Lumio website.¬†It has arrived just in time for the longer, darker nights…


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