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And the bronze medal goes to…

5th June 2013

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It has been a crazy busy few months which is fantastic for the accounts but not so good for blogging!

April 6th saw me celebrate my 8th year in business. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone – 8 years!

When I had completed my first year I sent out an anniversary card to my clients, family and friends as a thank you for their support.

On the reverse of the card I listed the years in anniversary gifts i.e. 1st = paper. Every year since I have produced a card based on the gift for that year. Eight years = bronze, so this year I awarded myself, clients, friends and family a bronze medal.

I enjoy creating the cards and I’m lucky to get a lot of warm wishes from the people who receive them. After all, if it wasn’t for them I would probably be picking up the wooden spoon rather than bronze.

I’ve added a gallery of the previous years cards on my Facebook and Tumblr pages in case you haven’t seen them. Please click through to take a look.

Next year its pottery – wheel at the ready…


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