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Game, set and match

6th July 2012

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Wimbledon – conjures up images of immaculate grass, pristine white kit, strawberries and cream. Or, in the case of 2012 – rain delays!

But, on Wednesday 4th July and my first ever trip to Wimbledon the weather Gods were smiling down on us and not sending forth a deluge of rain.

It was Men’s Quarter Final day and Andy Murray was second on Centre. Our tickets for the day gave us a fantastic seat on Court 2. You are so close the the court and we saw some great doubles matches including the Williams sisters. The most surprising thing was the power. It looks as though they hit hard on the TV but in real life – boy, I wouldn’t want to try and return one of those forehands!

One of the many highlights was our hour on ‘Henman Hill’ watching the big screen. You couldn’t stick a pin in the centre section as you can see from the photo above, but we managed to find a vantage point to the side. The atmosphere was wonderful with the noise building with each developing rally, groans at missed shots and cheers and applause at winners. The Pimms and picnics were much depleted by this time and it added to the jovial scene. Andy Murray certainly knows how to put his tennis fans through the mill!

The organisation at the AELTC is second to none and every staff member and steward we encountered was jolly and charming, which all adds to the experience.

If you are a tennis fan and get the opportunity to visit the Wimbledon Championships I’d encourage you to go. I doubt Wednesday was the last that Wimbledon will see of me!

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