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5th March 2012

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When I was about 5 years old my parents signed me up for swimming lessons. About a year later I spent a Saturday morning swimming around Cossington Street baths in a pair of my dad’s pyjamas occasionally picking up a rubber brick from the deep end. At the end of this I was presented with my gold award badge which was duly sewn onto my swimming costume and worn with pride.

Learning to swim at an early age has allowed me to enjoy the water anywhere with a touch of confidence. On my recent holiday to the Red Sea resort of Taba I snorkelled out to the reef everyday to see any number of fish going about their daily business. Some were shy (often the larger fish), some more inquisitive and some hungry – the ‘Sergeant Major fish’ in the picture above like to come and have a nibble on your legs.

It’s a great privilege to float and pootle about the reef watching the fish and trying to remember the different varieties to report back to the beach. This year the list of sightings was much longer and thankfully I took a waterproof camera with me. If you click here you can see some more pictures and a video of the nibbly Sergeant Major fish.

So, for teaching me to swim (and countless other things) thank you Mum and Dad! x


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