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9th December 2011

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One of retail designs success stories of the last few years is the pop-up-shop concept.

By temporarily taking over a vacant prime retail unit brands can create a high impact, unique retail environment. I say unique because often brands insist these shops do not follow the rules, which of course is a designer’s dream.

I saw a fantastic example of a pop-up-shop on a recent trip to Westfield Stratford City. The Harvey Nichols Foodmarket Pop-Up! has a lot going on. But, on closer inspection the detail is superb. Angular trees adorned with oversized fairy lights are made from white plastic plumbing pipes. The vinyl graphics on the window are given depth by the black outline being applied to the outside and the translucent colours to the inside of the glass. Cardboard Safari stags heads sit proudly on one wall facing silver tinsel wreaths on the other. Santa’s overflowing sack is depicted on the backwall behind the tills.

The Harvey Nichols website states the shops are “inspired by a classic last-minute gift-wrap theme and clad in traditional brown paper gift-wrap.” Whatever the inspiration it is a glorious riot of quirkiness and colour which gave this shopper a great retail experience.

If you would like to see some of the other photographs I took of this pop-up-shop please drop me a line.


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