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London Design Festival 2011

28th September 2011

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So many things to see and only one day to look. The 2011 London Design Festival ran from 17-25 September and this year I managed to get to the capital to take a look.

After pouring over the guide online I made a plan of what I wanted to see during my day trip. I started with Noma Bar ‘Cut It Out’ at Outline Editions to see the specially commissioned embossing machine in the shape of a dog. Unfortunately, they were cleaning up from the opening party the night before so the gallery was a little bedraggled along with the staff.

So, off I went to the V&A, along with it seemed the whole world and his wife. The Timber Wave by Amanda Levete Architects at the entrance is magnificent. You couldn’t get anywhere near anything in the ‘Power of Making’ exhibition due to crowds and other installations I wanted to see were scattered so far and wide through the museum the fun part of me was ebbing away.

That was until I saw the ‘Textile Field’ by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. What a brilliant idea and very comfortable. People of all ages were lounging and taking a well earned rest. A couple even had a forward roll competition much to the consternation of the museum guide.

After resting a while I went south of the river to visit – but they had had a flood in their foyer and had had to close early. I was really disappointed but will definitely drop in to their studios next time I’m in the City.

So, I walked back over the river and ended up in Covent Garden to see the LEGO Greenhouse. It was smaller than I imagined it would be and most people didn’t seem to notice it. And it was slightly overshadowed by the huge Nikon 1 ‘The Big Hands’ installation round the corner.

With aching feet I took the train home. A very busy day hopefully soaking up some good inspiration. One day isn’t enough to ‘do’ the festival. I must plan ahead next year and make it at least two!


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