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New York, New York 1990

6th September 2011

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I first travelled to America in November 1990. It was my first stop after leaving home on what is now called a ‘gap year’. My flights were booked through to Australia and I had 6 weeks to travel across from the East coast to San Francisco. It all started with 3 days in New York.

I was incredibly excited mixed in with a big chunk of instant homesickness and a feeling of ‘what have I done’! Here I was 3,500 miles from home with two relative strangers as travelling companions (long story) in one of the most iconic cities in the world. Everywhere I looked I recognised things although I had never visited before – the yellow cabs, the subway stations and of course the buildings.

Like lots of tourists we took the ‘Sky Caravan’ up to the Observation Deck of the World Trade Centre. We wandered about and then just stood looking down at the city below as dusk turned to night. At the time I thought it was special – even more so now.

I don’t know about you but I have a morbid fascination with the events of 9/11. This isn’t based on any political views, but more like disbelief of what happened, particularly in New York. The ultimate destruction of the Twin Towers is something that should sit better in fantasy rather than hard reality.

I feel privileged to have seen them for myself all those years ago, from the ground and the sky.


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