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Less is so much more

5th September 2011

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I probably shouldn’t say this as a designer but, I’ve not completely bought in to the digital age.

I don’t own an iPhone and I still like my music to arrive on CDs as opposed to a download. Part of the experience of new music to me is looking at the CD cover and insert, scanning over the lyrics and poring over the artwork. It used to be much better with LP covers that folded out but even I’ve given up on them now. Well, my turntable has at least. The vinyl still resides in a large blanket box awaiting liberation.

LP covers and CD inserts lead me onto books. I still like to buy reference books when I find something that interests me. I feel a rush of excitement when I get a new book. It’s all crisp and clean and you slowly turn the pages looking at the artwork within. My recent purchase was of two books of illustrator Noma Bar‘s work. I love simple design and his work is so brilliantly clever with hardly any marks on the page. You may be familiar with his work for The Guardian, The Economist and Wallpaper. It’s well worth a look so check out this interview with him courtesy of Grain Edit.


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